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Rugby’s unique ethos is built around five core values, which lie at the heart of the game and are embodied by all of its participants, both on and off the field of play.

These values underpin all of Engage’s strategic objectives and activities. Participants will receive high-quality rugby skills coaching but the core focus will be on delivering ‘value-based’ programmes that facilitate social and educational benefit, whilst improving the physical wellbeing of participants.


Rugby is a sport built around honesty and fairness, where players must be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat. It teaches players to work hard in pursuit of success, both on the field of play and in their everyday lives.


Rugby is a fast and exciting sport that generates great passion amongst its participants. It is also very sociable and provides an opportunity to make enriching friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and communities.


Discipline is central to rugby, as is evidenced by the fact that the rules of the game are still referred to as laws. Rugby teaches the importance of adhering to rules, an attribute that all participants are expected to demonstrate both on and off the field.


Respect is of the utmost importance to rugby, as players are taught to show respect for their teammates, the opposition, their coaches, the match officials and themselves. They must work to earn and retain the respect of the rugby community by setting good examples both on and off the pitch.


Rugby brings together a group of individuals and moulds them into a single unit, where they learn to support and encourage one another in pursuit of a common goal. This team spirit cuts across cultural, geographic and religious differences and often leads to the creation of lifelong friendships.