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Objective 3

To help young people develop the necessary skills, confidence and social behaviours to pursue opportunities for further education, training and employment.

This objective focuses on working with young people to develop the skills and confidence required to progress into further forms of education or employment, with a particular focus on marginalised young people, such as the long-term youth unemployed and young offenders.

Engage! will work with potential employers, educators and other agencies to provide advice, vocational skills, volunteering opportunities and contacts to open achievable pathways to meaningful employment.


  • Young people aged 14 – 19
  • School leavers
  • Those not in education employment or training (NEETs)
  • CSWP
  • Pupil referral units
  • Social inclusion projects
  • Job shops


  • RFU ‘Rugby Leaders’ programme / awards
  • RFU volunteering programmes
  • ‘Sports Leaders’ awards
  • RFU ‘Young Whistlers’ programme
  • D of E award programme
  • Key skills / employability training programmes


  • More young people pursuing further education, training and employment
  • Improved awareness of educational and vocational options / opportunities
  • Increased opportunities for volunteering and work experience
  • Young people achieving employment