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Objective 2

To improve the physical wellbeing of children, young people and families, particularly those from communities with pronounced health inequalities.

Engage! will use rugby to combat the widening health inequalities that exist between the city’s most affluent and deprived wards.

Alongside coaching programmes and activities that promote rugby as a form of exercise, Engage! will work with other agencies to improve awareness and understanding of health related topics such as nutrition, diet and the importance of exercise to healthy living.


  • Children, young people and families who could benefit from exercise or health education
  • Particular emphasis on those within areas of the city experiencing the most pronounced health inequalities


  • Community-based activities, such as ‘Touch Rugby’ leagues and ‘Street Rugby’
  • Intergenerational programmes focused on the prevention of, and intervention into, key health issues
  • Community-based health education workshops


  • Helping to narrow health inequalities
  • Reduction of childhood obesity
  • More children and families regularly participating in sport
  • Improved awareness of health issues
  • Changed perceptions of sport and activity