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New Engage! Values programme launched

As part of Coventry’s ten year sports strategy, the Engage! Values based programme is designed to improve children’s understanding of the core values of Rugby: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment and Discipline, both inside and outside the classroom.

Developed by Teachers and Sports Coaches, the programme supports the OFSTED Framework around character education, especially within the PHSE curriculum. The programme has a variety of options for each school to select as it also covers the criteria set out within the School Sport Premium funding to help develop sustainable improvements to quality of P.E and sport within the school.

Following the successful pilot of the programme, the Engage! Values programme is currently running in 23 schools in the Coventry area. This equates to 1350 young people being educated about how they can show knowledge, application and recognition of the values in school, on the sports field, at home and in the community.

The Programme

Year Group: Initially year 4 aged children but Year 5’s can also take part.
Cost: The first 6 week programme is completely FREE! Further 6 week blocks, afterschool clubs and any other delivery will be charged for on an individual basis as required.
School’s Weekly commitment: 2 hours in total - 1 hour classroom values lesson, and a 1 hour tag rugby session outside, linking both the values and rugby together.
Programme Duration: 6 weeks including a tag festival. For the Festival in Week 6, the school is invited to nominate 14 players from the classes taking part in the programme to participate in a tag rugby festival against other schools who have also been taking part in the Engage! programme.

To find out how to can get involved in this programme please contact us at

Engage! Coventry would like to thank the Millerchip Family Fund for their generous financial support, which has made this project possible.